Safety Showers

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Emergency shower trailers must be on location anytime there is a possible exposure to corrosive materials. They must conform to the ANSI Standard Z358.1. Our emergency showers more than meet the Standard. All showers have a storage capacity of 350 gallons. According to the standard, the shower head must flow at a rate of 20 gallons a minute. In addition the shower must have a duration of at least 15 minutes. It must also be capable of immediate discharge with no waiting period. The showers shown here will immediately provide a stream of water with stored pressure until the generator can be started, or have the option to run continuously. This means no wait time for the exposed employee. The same is true of the eyewash station located below the shower. Our emergency shower trailers are state of the art. Our emergency shower technicians service the trailers periodically to keep the trailer in top emergency response condition. 



  • 350 Gallon Water Supply
  • Onan Propane Generator
  • Additional Power Cord for operating off a 110 volt supply
  • Outside Body Shower Head for quick access
  • Outside Eye Wash for quick access
  • Remote Starting Button for Generator
  • Corrosive Neutralizing Materials on hand
  • Absorbent Pads/Socks
  • Salvage Drum for Contaminated Waste
  • Flood Lights on outside of trailer for night work


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Exposure to the elements can create health hazards and loss of productivity. Our climate control trailers will give your employees on location a place for meetings, breaks, lunch, or any activity. These trailers are both heated and cooled as needed. They also have benches mounted inside.


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