Lonestar USA Safety & Training, LLC has been contributing and participating in safety & compliance training and services for over 25 years. Based out of Midland Texas, we have taken pride in growing and developing our business to meet the needs of our ever-evolving customer base. The company as a whole was started in 1996 as a compliance training center, then just 5 years later we branched out and opened a new division; medical testing. We researched and became a known hub for Fit Testing and MEQ’s as well as Audiometric Testing in the Permian Basin. Once we became successful in the medical testing community we decided to branch out yet again in 2011 and began to offer on-site safety showers (our first field service) to assist the quickly growing Frac community in the Permian Basin. Once we were in the field we decided we could spread out again and started offering on-site supervision, servicing air equipment and monitors, as well as basic PPE in 2012.
These services kept our business fairly busy and content for a few years. Our owner & president then decided it was time to make some more growth progress in 2016; we obtained our fire extinguisher license and hired our first fire extinguisher technicians. During this same time, we began servicing first aid kits and focused more on our PPE Sales division. Then came the pandemic in 2019 and we changed directions once again to offer as many services from one company as possible. As of 2020 we also transitioned into SARS cleaning and odor control to fight the Covid-19 outbreak. Since the outbreak, we have also used the same cleaning method to offer sanitation and odor elimination to the real estate community. As the world and industries around us continue to grow; we plan as a company to stay on top of all the needed and required safety and compliance services to remain a “one-stop shop” for all of your needs!